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“I just had the chance to review the newest release from Tubie and The Touchtones. The band features Tubie Pushee (vocals and guitars), Les Morey (bass, keys, vocals), Clay Failla (drums and percussion), Michael Gaskins (horns) and Andrea Young (vocals). The release is made up of 11 diverse tracks. First up is ‘When The Rubber Meets The Road’, a driving boogie blues. Tubie doesn’t wait long to show you where he got his reputation as a guitar slinger and Gaskins adds some honkin sax. ‘Annie’s Eyes’ takes clues from the Philadelphia “blue eyed soul” movement with smooth jazz sax lines and guitar riffs. ‘Me & My Baby’ has a shuffle rhythm and clean guitar riffs. ‘South Main Street’ takes more of a ballad approach but with the Mesa Boogie drive sound on guitar solo. ‘Strange Things’ is a slow shuffle with heavy horns and dicing guitar. ‘Share’ has more of an island feel with traces of David Byrne and David Lindley. ‘Your Shoes’ is a Texas style blues with jazz overtones and some hot guitar riffs. ‘Navasota Get Down’ has the distinct sound of some early British Blues bands but with horns added. This may be the best track on the release with some tasty blues riffs, loping beat and mid song rock /fusion breakdown.”

  • Review by Bman’s Blues Report


Blue with envy


“Tubie is back with another episode of the blues, this time every corner of the genre is explored, from the swampy to the traditional. There’s even an ‘ Island ’ feel to “Look To Any Corner.” The musicianship is excellent on this release as Tubie Pushée has mastered the delivery of blues music. The softer side comes out on “My Dream” which is a more country-feeling track. The guitar work is typical Tubie, accurate, appropriate, and amazing. All of Tubie’s albums are great for leaving in the player for extended periods. Great for listening, but also fantastic for providing a mood. A favorite cut is “The NyQuil Blues” which, in addition to a great musical effort, is a lyrical treasure, written by my good friend Herb Steiner. Tubie does a great job on Herb’s tune. This is Pushée’s third release, and it’s one that solidifies him as a blues mainstay in Texas.”

  • Review by Lucky Boyd, MyTexasMusic

“Tubie Pushée and his outstanding third release, “Blue With Envy,” shines brightly with original and creative Texas-style blues. The first track, “Gimme Back My Car,” leads off the disc with a flurry of good ol’ blues. The vocals belt out the trials of love gone wrong, while the harmonica blows harmonious riffs and the walking bass line moves the steady and solid beat. Generous helpings of organ hooks and edgy guitar riffs heat up the bluesy tones of “Me and My Woman” which gives this song a deep, country roots feel. A bit of down home country flavor highlights the vocals while the piano complements the sweet guitar solo on “Home.” “Skubie’s Do 2” is a lush and lyrical guitar solo which is not only blues expression at its best but shows the great talent offered up on this disc. Pushée not only displays his love of the blues with engaging style but he also offers some diversity with tempo changes throughout the album. You can’t go wrong listening to the well-fashioned songs of “Blue With Envy” by Tubie Pushée , as it is packed with terrific vocals, lyrics, and a solid support of instruments.”

  • Review by Diane and the Reviewer Team

“Blue with Envy is the 2009 Texas blues guitar album released independently from Tubie Pusheé, a BMI licensed artist. Tubie wrote 10 of the 12 songs and included 2 of his favorite old blues covers (NyQuil Blues and Me and My Woman) done Texas style.  With his 3rd release Tubie has indisputably carved out his own niche in the blues world.  Tubie has been dubbed the Navasota bluesman and the new ambassador of Texas blues by local and regional media.  His Blue with Envy release is a true Texas blues jewel. With his Texas drawl delivery, sweet and smoking guitar, plus excellent song structure this album can make you laugh out loud one minute and cry the next.  If you enjoy blues this CD is great. If you like blues Texas style then this is a must have!”

  • Review by CDBaby




From the opening “Upside Down” Tubie Pushée sets the bar for this album with a real thinker set in an exciting blues feel. Throughout the disc you’ll find several blues styles, all of them excellently executed. From rock to swamp to folky blues, Pushée offers a diverse setting for his sophomore project. Penning most of the cuts himself, Pushée swings the pendulum vocally as well. His rough style is perfect for “Talk To Me Blues” (written by Donnis Hammond) and he uses his ‘inside’ voice for “The H.R. Dept. Blues,” which is the kind of song you could only write if you’ve lived it. Poor sap. You’ll hear an array of guitar work, and while the licks aren’t wrapped in an L.A. style polish, they are truly Texan, and each one seems to be the perfect choice for it’s respective track. I’m impressed with this second release and I think it elevates Pushée to a new level among blues players in Texas. Without question, he can hold his own at any blues festival in the state. Pushée has remained true to his artistic control on this album and has offered fans a diverse release with some real gems on board. I listened to this album three times all the way through before capturing my thoughts on the project. It’s comfortable in that respect and it has a decent flow that keeps you listening. True Blues fans will flock to this album.”

  • Review by Lucky Boyd, MyTexasMusic

“The Lonestar Blues” is a Texas blues guitar album that features quirky, unique lyrics and jazzy undertones from Tubie Pushée. Tubie’s voice is a huge part of the sound, delivered with that Texan country twang that shows his personality and forces the listener to lean on every word. The arrangements behind him are skillful and create a relationship between clever lyricist and top-notch musicians you will surely enjoy. The riffs are catchy, and the rhythms are bouncy, with great variance from song to song. The production quality of “The Lonestar Blues” is very good as well, with emphasis placed on truly capturing the rawness of Tubie. Highlights include “Talk to Me Blues,” with a driving rhythm, great guitar work, and a lively vocal performance. “Goodbye” touches on the swampy side with a little harmonica, some Tubie twang, and smooth vocals. The title track, “The Lonestar Blues,” closes things out nicely with more great guitar work and is as blue as blues can be. With “The Lonestar Blues,” Tubie Pushée has compiled an album full of unique and enjoyable blues songs. If you enjoy Texas blues with off-the-wall, twangy vocals, give Tubie a listen.”

  • Review by William and the RadioIndy. com Reviewer Team




“Tubie Pushée and his blues album “Just Can’t Believe It,” is entertaining and fun with its versatile rhythms and well crafted melodies. Pushée has a gifted talent with his vocals that are deep and rich and shine with full-bodied flavor.Not only is Pushée a talented singer but his guitar performances stand out as well. Listen to the catchy riff on “Alibis your lies” with a straight up feel or “709 blues” as the guitar rocks with an edgier touch. Right from the start, the title track “Just Can’t Believe It” overflows with driving beats and catchy lyrics. “Share” puts out a touch of country flair when Pushée vocals demonstrate the familiar, down home country twang style. Taking the tempo to a slower bluesy beat, “A candle” and “Voices” offers smooth and tender guitar strumming, while the vocals are strong yet sung with emotional clarity.  Blues fans won’t be disappointed when listening to “Just Can’t Believe It” by Tubie Pushée, as it is blues versatility at its best.”

  • Review by Diane and the Reviewer Team